I remember playing Battlefield 2 a while ago back when I was a freshman in college. 2006 marked the transition from a non-internet dependent culture to a internet dependent culture for me. It was also when Facebook started getting popular, and all the cool kids had one within a few months of its public launch. I made mine in October 2006, so I feel somewhat special for having an ‘OG’ account.

Anyway, BF2 didn’t run so well on my gaming laptop I had purchased back in the day. I had a 256 MB ATI Radeon mobile card that ran Warcraft III (DotA) and Counter-Strike 1.6 pretty well, but this game was pretty GPU intensive. I played DotA so much that I eventually joined a professional gaming team called Verge Gaming and took #1 in CPL 2006 in Dallas. My teammates King, Emperor, Erfz, and Hyperfrog were also quite pleased, as we all received awesome gear.

Before the CPL tournament even started, we received brand spankin’ new SteelSeries 4H headsets, which were all the craze at the time. Equipped with a retractable microphone and a built in USB sound card, it was quite amazing and boasted crystal clear voice communication. After taking #1, we won $1,000, new BenQ 24″ LCD monitors, SteelSeries keyboard, Razer mouse, SteelSeries mousepad, and a SteelSeries mouse cord holder.

Although this site used to be dedicated to Battlefield 2, I decided to pick it up and start blogging away. This blog is dedicated to all the gamers out there who did not get to experience a pro gaming atmosphere. I will write about awesome games, my experiences and advice on how to get ahead your competitors.