Battleground: Ardennes

Video footage like this adds realism and excitement to the battle at Ardennes.

With Battleground: Ardennes, Talon Soft has shown what Windows can do for a war simulation. Incorporating live footage of the weapons and vehicles used in World War Two, this is a game of magnificent proportion and realism.

You can choose to play either as Axis or Allies. When you start the demo, you’ll be presented with a box that will let you choose which side is played which way. You can choose from Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and Automatic Field Of View. Manual will allow you to control all movement and firing. Semi-Automatic puts you in charge of only the important decisions, like whether or not to attack, and lets the computer do the rest. In Automatic, the computer takes control. You would use this to play a game against the computer.

Automatic FOV is the same as Automatic, but in FOV, you only see units that are nearby. When you first see them, they will appear as boxes with a question mark, but at the beginning of the next phase, they will be identified.

The demo lasts for 11 turns, each of which has several phases. You play with the mouse, selecting the piece to move or fire, and then moving them. Since you can stack units in one hex, click on the stack of units you want to perform an action, and choose from the unit list at the bottom of the screen which units you want to perform the action. This applies to firing or moving.

Since gameplay is highly involved and complex, you might want to read the online help. However, the control is simple enough that you should have no trouble jumping right in and playing. If you have a slower computer or 4MB RAM, you might want to turn off the video segments or the 3D map to speed the action up.