TIE Figher CD-ROM Collector's Edition

The completely new cockpit art is just one of the many fantastic additions you get in LucasArts' super space-combat simulation TIE Fighter CD-ROM Collectors' Edition.

After receiving the highest rating ever given by PC Gamer and earning 1994 PC Gamer Awards for Best Action Game and Best Achievement in Musical Score, you'd think we would run out of good things to say about TIE Fighter. Not so. This is simply one of the best space-combat simulations ever created. While we loved fighting for the rebels in LucasArts' first Star Wars simulation - X-Wing - the lure of the Dark Side proved too strong, and we, like garners everywhere, were seduced by its power.

Now, we're starting to feel the pull of the Emperor again as LucasArts has made a great game even better in this must-have collectors edition. This all-in- one CD-ROM will include the missions from the original TIE Fighter game, the add-on disc Defender of the Empire, and 20 new missions that'll let you win favor with the Emperor as you wage war against the rebellion.

The space-flight scenes aren't the only ones that have gone SVGA in the TIE Collectors CD-ROM, so have these cut scenes.

If that were all there was to the TIE Collector's Edition, we'd be as happy as a Wookie in Ton-Ton guano; but there's much, much more. In addition to enhanced sound and music, LucasArts has gone back through the animated cutscene sequences and added SVGA animations and extra scenes that add volumes to the tale of the Empire. Best of all, the flight sequences can now be played in a very detailed SVGA mode, giving you the feel of actually starring in your favorite Star Wars film.

If you haven't picked up a copy of the original TIE Fighter, this CD-ROM collection is the perfect opportunity to embrace the Darkside of the Force and begin whipping some rebel butt.